If you want to set a server, you can download configs here, if you don't have promod or outdated Punkbuster, answer is here too :

Clanbase 4v4 Clanbase 4v4 config go in server base directory
Clanbase 6v6 Clanbase 6v6 config go in server base directory
CommLink beta CommLink custom map, go in client and server base directory
CommLink megapack Megatextures pack for CommLink beta custom map, go in client and server base directory
usergroups.dat usergroups.dat go in server base directory, needed to set config via Limbo menu (you can also vote)
server.cfg yes, this is the main config server, put it in server /base :) Don't forget to set a rcon password, if you want to admin ;) and TV repeater if you want to connect a TV server
tv.cfg if you want to run a TV server, this is main config. You MUST have set repeater pass and port in the game server before connecting TV; and you MUST have the custom map if game server run one
ETQW promod (Windows) ETQW Promod, Windows client setup. You must install Promod on client side if you want to join a Promod server
ETQW promod (all OS) ETQW Promod, throw uncompressed ETQWPRO directory in game base install directory, and add "+set fs_game etqwpro" to game shortcut launcher
Punkbuster last update there is no more Punkbuster update for ETQW. But if have stop playing for a while, and want to come back to ET:QW, with a previous version of Punkbuster you will be kicked again and again because you can't update your PB no more :( So uncompress this PB repertory, and replace your existing PB repertory. Restart game and this is it!
Minimizor Teamplay require commmunication. If you use Mumble or Teamspeak, you should have Minimizor, to switch easily from game to Windows, without exiting game